Modern Treatment of Tooth Decay in Children

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Modern Treatment of Tooth Decay in Children

Dental treatment for tooth decay consists of a set of procedures to remove decayed tooth structure and restore the hole with a filling material known as composite fillings. What many people don’t know is that dental treatment can be avoided and is completely preventable. This is the reason it is recommended to visit a pediatric dentist regularly for dental check-ups and cleanings in order to prevent dental disease and to stay on top of dental conditions such as tooth decay, which can progressively lead to uncomfortable symptoms and serious dental and health problems. It is well understood that the faster a child receives proper dental care by a pediatric dentist, the higher the chances of reversing the effects of tooth decay and stifling its advancement. Treatment for tooth decay, cavities, depends on the extent of the decay and a child’s specific dental situation. Our dental topics page provides other information on oral hygiene in pediatric dentistry.

The following list the 3 current philosophies of dental treatment of tooth decay in children.

  1. Prevention – Believe it or not, prevention is a form of proactive treatment referred to prevent future dental disease. A well-designed preventative plan includes a set of procedures and/or protocols that ensure the child’s risk of getting tooth decay is significantly reduced. Oral Hygiene Instruction and Sealants are a perfect example of preventative dentistry.
  2. Conventional Dental Restoration – Tooth decay treated in a conventional method uses the methods based on G.V. Black who was the inventor of the most common dental treatment philosophy in the world. This method requires removal of a significant amount of tooth structure to restore the tooth despite the size of the existing cavity. It is still an accepted method and utilized by most dentists in the world.
  3. Modern Dental Restorations – Modern treatment of dental decay includes the use of more advanced medications and conservative fillings combined with a strong preventative plan to help reduce the overall risk of dental disease for the child. The more conservative treatment requires significantly less tooth removal. The major benefit of this philosophy is that the treatment does not have to be as invasive for the child. The use of this technique allows an overall better experience for the child and is the preferred method of treatment at Hello Kids Dentistry in Bothell, WA.

The best treatment is, of course, that which is provided by the mother during the first years of life which includes helping the child build good habits with brushing, flossing and being smart about diet. We recommend early visits at the age of 1, per the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry Guidelines.


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