The Importance of Early Pediatric Dental Visits & Teeth Cleaning to Maintain Good Oral Health

Maintaining good oral health is a lifelong process that must start at an early age. A simple tooth cleaning is a basic procedure that provides several benefits no matter how young the child is. Most pediatric dentist visits include exams, teeth cleaning, x-rays and fluoride treatment to help evaluate and maintain the oral health status of every child and to allow to prevent dental disease and other major problems. For those who don’t know the many benefits of teeth cleaning, Hello Kids Dentistry will share some of them with you.

Importance of Teeth Cleaning

1. Prevent Cavities – Plaque is one of the leading causes of tooth decay. It is an acidic film that builds up on teeth and eats away tooth enamel. Without the protection of enamel, cavities will begin to occur. Kids can avoid having plaque build-up on their teeth by flossing and brushing at least 2 times daily. However, a dental cleaning offers a deeper clean and helps prolong oral health.

Prevents Tooth Loss – Plaque can also cause gum disease which is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Gum disease doesn’t just affect the gums as it can go deeper into the jaw bone as well. When the jaw bone begins to break down, the tooth support diminishes which leads to early tooth loss. Pediatric teeth cleaning by a kids dentist helps to avoid these unwanted dental problems as your child grows older.

3. Brighten Teeth – Teeth cleaning removes stains from your child’s teeth common. Many children inadvertently stain their teeth with these substances which leave their teeth looking yellow. Routine teeth cleaning can help prevent your child’s teeth from becoming permanently stained.

4. Fresher Breath – Bad breath is more than what your child might have eaten that day. Bad breath is often due to disease of the gums or teeth. Other bad odors can be due to infections as well. Poor oral hygiene leads to many problems which result in bad breath. For better and fresher breath, you will want to your child to maintain proper oral health which includes regular teeth cleanings.

5. Improve Oral Health – By keeping your child’s teeth clean you will prevent infection, diseases, and tooth decay which results in healthier teeth and mouth. Regular teeth cleanings prevent these problems when completed by a pediatric dental specialist.

6. Save Money – By preventing tooth decay, infection, or diseases, you can save money by avoiding costly procedures. Removing dental plaque regularly reduces the chance of future dental problems, hence reducing the cost. If you don’t want the costly oral procedures and you want to save money in the long run, have your child’s teeth cleaned regularly.

Early Child Visits with Pediatric Dentist in Bothell, WA

At Hello Kids Dentistry we want to help improve and maintain your child’s oral health and that includes regular dental cleaning. If your child is overdue for teeth cleaning, contact Hello Kids Dentistry. Schedule an appointment for an exam and dental cleaning to ensure you have proper oral hygiene instruction to maintain your child’s good oral health. Call and make an appointment at Hello Kids Dentistry today!

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